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2013 - 'Equal Pay, it's about Time!'

capture_decran_2013-05-07_a_12.18.42.png‘Equal Pay, it’s about time!’ raises awareness about the 16.2% gender pay gap that exists at European level and puts forward specific demands to close this gap, in advance of the 2014 European Elections. 

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2012 - ‘My future is your future - a European Youth Guarantee now!’


Through 2012 and 2013 PES Women is actively promoting the campaign for a European Youth Guarantee. PES Women has provided a gender dimension to the campaign, analysing the specific causes and the impact of young women’s unemployment and proposing solutions to tackle this issue.
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2011 - 'Women and Pensions'


European population is ageing but retirement perspectives are hardly the same for men and women. Women aged over 65 years are at a much higher risk of poverty than men as a phenomenon of ‘pension-gap’ starts to widen. PES Women is putting pressure on European decision-makers to address this issue.
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2010 - ‘My Body, My Rights’


The campaign ‘My Body, My Rights’ aimed at raising awareness on rights such as access to universal maternal healthcare, protection against domestic violence and defense of sexual and reproductive rights.
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2009 - A Charter for European Women’s rights


In its manifesto for the 2009 European elections, the PES made gender equality a top priority, by proposing the creation of a European Women’s Rights Charter guaranteeing the same rights for all women across Europe in all fields and aspects of life.
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Previous campaigns

Put Children first


In 2007 PES Women pushed for child care available for everyone. It started with high EU representatives’ signing the Child care Book that stated “We believe that child care should be a basic public service for all who want it.” José Manuel Barroso, EC President responded “the Commission is fully committed to the development of childcare services”.

Gender Pay Gap, shut it!


Despite long-standing legislation at European and national levels, the difference between the pay of men and women is 15 % on average across the EU. PES Women called for concrete actions to shut the gap.

Stop trafficking against women


PES Women organized a successful anti-trafficking campaign in 2006 prior to the World Cup. An online petition was signed by over 23,000 people from across Europe and the world. These signatures included PES prime ministers, party leaders and prominent politicians. PES Women has conveyed this widespread public concern to key decision-makers and demanded immediate action to prevent this human rights violation.


PES Women Presidents blog

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Le texte qui suit sont mes remarques à la Convention de la fédération des Français de l'Etra du 26 Août. Il était plus qu'heureux de partager ce panneau avec Richard Gabriel, Antoine et Marie-Rose, qui sont des membres actifs de la politique européenne de la famille du PSE..

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Today, the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Dr Chris Cardona had a formal discussion on Female Entrepreneurship with Ms Zita Gurmai PES Women President and Former MEP

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If we take a quick look at the countries of the European Union, and make a quick comparison with the rest of the world, we might get the impression that we have made so much progress in Europe that equality between women and men has been reached. Often we hear...

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