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Budapest, Power to Women

PES Women leadershipIn the light of 2015, the year for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe and around the world, PES Women organised its yearly conference 'Power to Women' with the aim of taking stock and contribute to the future of women's rights and gender equality - be it as our vision for an EU gender equality strategy 2015-2020 or for the follow-up on the Beijing Platform for Action.

Not only in terms of policy proposals and actions, PES Women has also tried new approaches and reach out to new and young feminist movements across Europe. Therefore our 3 panels aimed at being interactive, innovative and inspiring.

Our first panel, moderated by French feminist Caroline de Haas, took stock of the feminists' achievements of the 60s, 70s and 90s to identify the challenges of today. Her interactive quiz and presentation show that most people, including women, still have an illusion of what equality is and means in reality. While the feminist movement is far from being dead, the way in which the movement expresses themselves and the issues they tackle are certainly new.

Listening to the second panel of especially young feminists including Kate Banyard from UK Feminista, women know what they want to fight for and realise very well that women still have it harder. But issues like the image of women, violence against women, be it in public sphere or in the domestic context, sexual and reproductive rights, their place in politics, are the issues that young woman want to take up.  Our panellists from the third session Elke Ferner, State Secretary for Family Issues, Youth and Women's Rights and Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties both demonstrated how in practice they put forward legislative proposals to improve gender equality and women's rights going from closing the gender pay gap, to minimum wages, to quota for women in board to gender identity to childcare facilities.

The conference adopted the resolution 'Power to Women: Feminist Europe of 21st Century'.

Apart from the successful debates, women and men from across Europe present at the conference also contributed to the success of the event. We would therefore like to thank all those present, all those supporting us online and encourage to get a glimpse of the happening if you were not with us.

Wishing you a good summerbreak - #power2women.  

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