PES Women

PES Women brings together women - MP, MEPs and activists - from PES member parties to discuss and promote gender equality within and outside the PES.

Zita Gurmai MEP was elected President of PES Women on 21 October 2004. Under Zita’s leadership, PES Women has entered a new period of reinforced cooperation amongst its members and is developing a stronger role within a stronger PES.

PES Women seeks to promote gender equality on two different levels. Firstly, PES Women is currently strengthening the external dimension of its work, in terms of formulating and advocating policy recommendations on various issues. The PES Women pledge card sets out five priorities for its work.

Secondly, PES Women pushes for equal representation in PES bodies (such as working groups and high level groups) and supports the increase of women in decision-making in PES member parties. The PES Women President is a full member of the PES Presidency.

PES Women members, who are nominated by PES member parties, meet three times a year to:

Since October 2004, PES Women has held two annual conference “More and better jobs for women: an EU priority” and “Women, religion and culture in Europe: will women be the battleground of the 21st century”. Both gathered aver 80 representatives from all PES member parties, NGOs, trade unions and the media.

PES Women Activity Report October 2004 – December 2006 pdf gives an overview of all PES Women events, involvements and commitments during this period.

PES Women also has three Vice-Presidents, an Executive Board and members from each PES party.


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