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Decent jobs at the core of the PES leaders’ meeting in Madrid

“We will make sure that promises made become actions delivered”, says PES President.

The declaration “More Jobs, Better Jobs, Fairer Jobs!” was signed today by PES leaders at their meeting in Madrid. The document outlines a roadmap towards progressive growth with clear steps for creating quality jobs, eradicating the gender pay gap and creating a fair taxation system. The meeting, attended by Prime Ministers, European Commissioners and party leaders of the PES family, was hosted by the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE).

PES President Sergei Stanishev underlined that; “Unemployment is one of the biggest pending tasks in Europe. Seven years after the onset of the crisis, more than 24 million citizens are still without jobs, many of them young people – and although conservatives have begun to admit that their austerity-only approach is not working, much remains to be done to stimulate real change in Europe. We are determined to build on our successes (such as the European Youth Guarantee, the Financial Transaction Tax and the use of the flexibility in the Stability and Growth Pact) and make sure that promises made become actions delivered. Thanks to the tireless work of the PES family across the continent, time has come for Europe to start working again”.

PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez welcomed the PES leaders to Madrid and underlined that; This is a decisive moment for Europe and a critical electoral year for Spain. Although the worst of the recession in the European Union seems to be behind us, conservative policies across the continent are undermining social cohesion. Our priority should be to consolidate a fair and inclusive recovery: alternative solutions based on solidarity, pro-growth economic plans and active employment and social policies”.

In defining its progressive plan for growth in Europe, the common declaration says:

"We, leaders of PES member parties and organisations, continue our efforts to address the difficulties Europeans are confronted with, at all levels. For us, structural reforms must benefit all, therefore we will propose progressive reforms for green growth, quality jobs and social inclusion. We will ensure that the investment turns from promise to reality, that it delivers sustainable growth, decent jobs and more social justice across Europe”.

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