PES Women

PES Women Executive

PES Women is the PES organization that promotes gender equality and women’s representation both within and outside the party. 


Zita Gurmai MEP has been PES Women President since 2004. Under Zita’s leadership, PES Women has strengthened its role within the PES and promoted several campaigns on women’s rights and gender equality in Europe and in the world.


PES Women priorities in the period 2009-2014 are:

  1. Better jobs and women’s economic independence, also in later life
  2. The balance of family life, care and work for women and men
  3. Equal representation in all forms of decision-making
  4. The right to sexual and reproductive health





'Equal Pay, it's about Time!'

‘Equal Pay, it’s about time!’ raises awareness about the 16.2% gender pay gap that exists at European level and puts forward specific demands to close this gap, in advance of the 2014 European Elections.

Campaign video

More on the campaign

'My future is your future - a European Youth Guarantee now'

PES Women is also promoting the campaign for a European Youth Guarantee ‘My future is your future - a European Youth Guarantee now!’, providing a gender dimension to the campaign, analyzing the specific causes and the impact of young women’s unemployment and proposing solutions to tackle this issue.

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