• PES Presidency holds strategic discussion on progressive priorities for the future of Europe

    Wellbeing and sustainability must be key drivers for recovery

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  • PES European Council preparation meeting

    Socialists urge EUCO to reach agreement on recovery and MFF which fully respects the Rule of Law

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  • US presidential election

    Biden declared winner of US election: A chance for the transatlantic future

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  • PES welcomes historic EU minimum wages proposal

    We are closer to guaranteeing fair wages for all Europeans, with the EU Directive for adequate minimum wages.

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  • European temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE)

    PES hails confirmation that progressive policy is one step closer to implementation

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  • PES brochures: Our policy programmes, plans and visions

    Check how the PES thinks and acts on the challenges facing the EU and its citizens

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Upcoming events

01/02/21  | PES Migration & Integration Network meeting - video conference


04/02/21  | PES Coordination Team meeting - video conference


16/02/21  | ECOFIN Ministers meeting - video conference


18/02/21  | PES Presidency meeting - video conference


19/02/21  | PES Education ministerial meeting - video conference


19/02/21  | Gender Equality Ministerial Meeting - video conference


22/02/21  | PES EPSCO ministerial meeting - video conference


24/02/21  | PES COMPET ministerial meeting - video conference


25/02/21  | PES EU Council preparation Meeting - video conference


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