Croatia: Social Democrats should be in the lead of forming government


Croatians wave SDP flags

Croatians did not name an unconditional winner at the general elections yesterday (Nov 8) but one thing is for sure - the Croatian Social Democrats received huge support from the voters and SDP is the force everyone should take in to account.

It's obvious a vast majority of Croatian people voted for jobs, economic growth, and social solidarity. The Party of European Socialists hopes SDP (Socijaldemokratska partija Hrvatske) to be in the lead of forming the new government in Croatia.

On Monday after the elections in Croatia PES President Sergei Stanishev said:
"The Croatian Social Democrats did a great and intensive campaign. Zoran Milanovic showed to his people that he is a responsible and credible leader, able to confront with major crisis like thousands of refugees entering Croatia as result of closed borders in Hungary.

For the last four years the SDP-led Government did a lot of progressive reforms, fought the financial crisis, trying to improve life of everyday Croatians.