Electoral reform agreement is positive sign for Georgia


Tbilisi Parliament

The PES strongly welcomes the agreement on electoral reform reached by the majority and opposition in Georgia. The cross-party deal sets out the rules for Georgia’s October 2020 elections.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“The technical details of this agreement are important, but the most important aspect of this reform is that it has cross-party support. It is essential to have clarity ahead of a general election and it is essential to make sure that no-one will challenge the results after the will of the Georgian people is expressed at the ballot box. This is a great contribution to democracy in Georgia. 

"We call on all political parties in Georgia to keep the dialogue ongoing and to continue with the necessary reforms towards long-term political stability.”

Last month the PES supported a proposal for a cross-party political group fact finding mission to Georgia to contribute to building confidence between the government and the opposition ahead of the general election.