Gender Equality closer as Noichl scores win for women


Women at work

The European Parliament has called for more action from the Europe on gender equality. In its Plenary in Strasbourg the parliament voted for a report from Socialist and Democrat group MEP Maria Noichl (Germany) on the Commission strategy for Strategy for Gender Equality. From activists to Prime Ministers, members of the Party of European Socialists have been fighting for gender equality for years and deem it appropriate and necessary that the European Commission legislates to make sure that equality between women and men becomes reality. The strategy was at risk after the European Peoples Party tried to weaken the European stance on it, but MEP Noichl’s report defeated the EPP proposal.

Noichl proposes that the EU be more ambitious on many areas which affect women’s lives. These include maternity leave, women’s employment, working conditions and confirms women’s’ right to determine what happens to their own bodies. It also suggests to go further on parental leave – through ensuring maternity leave, paternity leave, and parental leave are all available. It proposes clear and concrete measures which would be binding in law.

Zita Gurmai PES Women President said ‘ I am delighted that the European Parliament has supported doing more for women. At the current rate of change it will be generations before gender equality in the workplace, in pay, in parenthood and in other areas is achieved. Young women are demanding that now – and their politicians from the socialist and democrat family are listening.’

Zita Gurmai added: ‘When governments propose changes to how they spend their budgets they must check if it will affect women more than men or vice versa. The Social Democrat government in Sweden has already committed to do this and we hope other countries will follow suit.’