General election result proves once again that Spain wants a progressive government


Sergei Stanishev and Pedro Sanchez

PES President Sergei Stanishev and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at a PES European Council Preperation meeting, March 2019

The Party of European Socialists welcomes PSOE’s clear victory in the Spanish general election on Sunday.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“The message from this election is very clear – Spain wants a progressive government led by Prime Minister Sanchez.

“This is the second time this year that PSOE has emerged as the largest party at a general election. I hope the new parliament recognises this fact and acts constructively to allow a new progressive government to take shape. This is the responsible thing to do.

“PSOE won this election on progressive principles – gender equality, better conditions for workers, and investment in public services. Now it is time to deliver on this for Spain’s citizens with a stable, progressive, government.”

Following Sunday’s result – where PES member PSOE secured 120 seats, retaining its position as the largest party in the Spanish Parliament - Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has signalled his intention to form a new government.

Prime Minister Sánchez has a strong progressive record, which includes significantly raising Spain’s minimum wage, helping millions of low paid workers, and appointing a majority-female cabinet – the first in Spain’s history. PSOE campaigned to build on these successes, further strengthening women’s rights, investing in social policies, and ensuring a positive European future for Spain.

The PES looks forward to continuing to work alongside our Spanish colleagues as we push collectively for a progressive Europe.