Gentiloni and progressive ministers map out new growth model for Europe


PES GAC ministerial - 25 February 2020

European Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni (centre) at the PES GAC ministerial meeting, alongside Jonas Fernandez MEP (left) and German Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth.

European Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni today met with Europe ministers from the PES to discuss the path towards a new growth model for Europe.

The Commissioner – who launched an Economic Governance Framework Review earlier this month - briefed the ministers ahead of this morning’s EU General Affairs Council (GAC) meeting in Brussels.

The review announced by Gentiloni has been strongly welcomed by the progressive family. Today’s meeting at the PES reiterated our view that the process must focus on pushing forward investments for a new growth model for Europe, based around a new growth strategy anchored in the European Green Deal and a Just Transition that leaves no one behind.

The Economic Governance Framework Review is an opportunity to move Europe forward towards a sustainable and inclusive future, anchored in investments in sustainability which modernise the economy, achieve social progress, ensure a fair climate and digital transition, and generate strong economic growth.

The PES meeting, chaired by German Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth, brought together ministers from Germany, Finland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia and Sweden, and representatives from the PES and the S&D.

The meeting also discussed other issues on the agenda of today’s GAC, including accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.