Jeremy Corbyn and Sergey Stanishev discuss cooperation in Brussels

27/09/2018 - Leader of UK Labour and PES president attended the inauguration ceremony of Jo Cox Square in the Belgium Capital

Jeremy and Sergei, Jo cox Square

The leader of UK Labour Jeremy Corbyn and PES president Sergei Stanishev discussed cooperation between both organisations after they attended the inauguration ceremony of Jo Cox Square in central Brussels today.

The city of Brussels has named a square after Labour MP Jo Cox, brutally murdered in the run-up of the Brexit referendum in 2016. The mayor of Brussels, UK Labour representatives led by Jeremy Corbyn, relatives of Jo Cox, MEP’s from the S&D group and representatives from the PES attended the ceremony. 

After the inauguration ceremony, Stanishev and Corbyn discussed the cooperation between the PES and the UK Labour, which is one of the oldest full member parties in the political family.

Stanishev stated that the PES welcomes the outcome of the UK Labour annual conference, a proof of the party’s strength and ability to turn Britain’s public opinion towards a more progressive agenda.

Jo Cox Square

PES president Sergei Stanishev said: ‘The labour party is increasingly leading public opinion and public debate in Britain because they care about people’s problems. They are the new common sense. After years of ideology-based austerity from the different conservative governments, the British want to hear about workers’ rights, about support for left out communities, about the NHS, about climate or solidarity with refugees. We welcome that change of heart’.