Leaders of left unite in Hungary for jobs and democracy



Jobs, democracy and peace will be the key topics when Leaders of the Party of European Socialists meet tonight in Budapest to discuss their priorities for Europe. Acutely aware of the crisis still affecting people Europe they discussed ways of helping Europeans into work and out of poverty. Leaders including Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and European Parliament President Martin Schulz met together to discuss closer collaboration on social policies – including the creation of a European Social Union and the social economy as well as concrete measures for ensuring democracy where it is threatened such as the democracy scoreboard.

The choice of Budapest for the congress was no coincidence – it was chosen by leaders in order to support Hungarian member party the MSZP. The governing party in Hungary, Fidesz, which is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), has removed rights and even discussed bringing back the death penalty as well as undertaking a carefully planned and executed hate campaign are migrants and refugees.

Sergei Stanishev, PES President said: "Orban’s regime of hate will not last. Hungarian people will see through his scapegoating and lies. The reality on the ground is that more young people have left Hungary for lack of opportunity under the populist government than immigrants have arrived.’ He added: "Our vision for Europe is one where people have secure jobs, prospects for the future and a real say in their future through genuine democracy. This discussion does not end here – we will be working so that the European Youth Guarantee can provide hope to all young unemployed people – as many as 50% in some countries."