Light at the end of the tunnel for Macedonia?



The undersigned organizations, women activists from social democratic parties in South Eastern Europe, connected through the CEE Network for Gender Issues, and organisation member of Party of European Socialist Women (PESW) and Young European Socialists (YES), have been following with great concern the development of the political situation in Macedonia. The crisis threatened not only democracy and sustainable development in this country but also to destablise the entire region.

We stand firmly in support and solidarity with our comrades, women and men - all progressive people of Macedonia from all ethnic groups and the Social democratic Union of Macedonia (SDUM) and their youth organization Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia (SDYM) who, through peaceful means, showed courage, political wisdom and determination to ensure the return of Macedonia to the path of democracy, protection of human rights and to meet the standards necessary for EU accession.

We, therefore, congratulate our comrades and all activists in Macedonia  for  the cross party agreement forged in Skopje that would create conditions for a peaceful and sustainable road to democracy  through free and fair elections in April 2016 to be led by a new, transitional government. We also welcome the  independent investigation of alleged criminal and corruption activities of the outgoing government in order to strengthen democratic institutions and open the path for a democratic European, Macedonia! 

CEE Network for Gender Issues

PES Women

Young European Socialists (YES)