Maltese election critical to protect human rights & equality


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The Maltese general election on 3 June will be a critical vote to protect the country's world-leading work on human rights and equality, according to the president of PES LGBTI organisation Rainbow Rose.

Recent reforms implemented by the progressive Partit Laburista (Labour party) government have led to Malta's being ranked by ILGA-Europe as the #1 country for LGBTI rights in Europe in 2016.

In cooperation with civil society, recent progressive reforms include:

  • Civil partnership and joint adoption by same-sex couples
  • The right to change legal gender
  • Intersex minors protected from invasive surgical procedures
  • LGBTI people allowed to serve openly in the military
    Step-child adoption by same-sex couples
  • Conversion therapy outlawed

Meanwhile, Malta's main opposition, the Nationalist Party (PN), is emerging as a threat to this progress, reinforced by their decision to endorse Josie Muscat as a candidate. Mr Muscat is one of Malta's strongest opponents of LGBTI rights.

Rainbow Rose President Mia Sundelin said:

"Malta faces a stark choice on 3 June. A vote for the Nationalist Party and its anti-equality candidate Josie Muscat is a vote that puts at risk Malta's world-leading progress on equality and human rights.

"Now is the time, more than ever, to stand up for solidarity, human rights and equality. Under a Partit Laburista government, Malta will continue to lead Europe and the world.

"Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and civil liberties minister Helena Dalli are committed to making Malta a country where everyone can be who they are."