“PASOK will lead Greece responsibly to a fair and sustainable future” says PES President in Athens



The Party of European Socialists (PES) President Sergei Stanishev joined today Evangelos Venizelos and PASOK’s supporters to take part in in their electoral rally in Athens. During the event, Mr. Stanishev expressed his full support to PASOK for the Greek elections of 25 January, describing the upcoming elections as “the final sprint that will put Greece on a progressive path of growth, stability, and social justice”.

“I want you to know that your courage is recognised and respected all across Europe”, said Sergei Stanishev to hundreds of citizens in Athens. “The Greek people have been through some extremely difficult times, fighting not only the crisis but also a conservative Europe that left no space for progressive policies. In order to keep Greece on its feet, PASOK had to take some very difficult decisions, maintaining a responsible position even if this meant having to pay a heavy price. And thanks to these efforts, thanks to PASOK working day and night for each and every Greek woman and men, this country is now one step away from the end of the crisis”.

The PES President added: “For years now, our political family has been fighting hard for more and better jobs, for progressive growth and true gender equality. PASOK has contributed greatly to bring the change that we are starting to see in Europe, and they have done so while staying away from populism and false promises. Europe is changing, shifting away from the austerity-only obsession that marked these last years, and moving in a more progressive direction. Greek people have suffered a lot from the conservative Europe that we are all fighting together. I strongly believe that my friend Evangelos and PASOK will lead Greece responsibly to a fair and sustainable future”.