PES: Constitutional change in Turkey is destroying the balance of power



The Party of European Socialists disapproves of the proposed constitutional changes in Turkey, inspired by Erdogan's party, which will be put to the vote for the second time in the coming days.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

"If approved, these changes will weaken further the independence of the judiciary and turn Turkey into an authoritarian state.

"The leading party seeks to keep itself in power by all means, with virtually no opposition or checks and balances. This would severely hinder the prospects of restoring the democratic tradition and institutions of Turkey."

We and our Turkish associated member parties CHP and HDP believe in democracy. We stood united against the attempted coup in Turkey last year. This coup is now being used as an excuse for the obvious destruction of the balance of power in Turkey, and Socialists and Democrats are deeply concerned.

Stanishev added:

"We support our Turkish colleagues from CHP and HDP in their legal fight against the constitutional changes in the Turkish parliament because we know what a one-party regime in Turkey means -- a one-man regime."