PES: Europe should not tolerate Orban’s manipulations of electoral law


Commissioner Helena Dalli

Hungarian parliament building. Photo: Jakub Halun

The Party of European Socialists firmly rejects the announced legislation to modify Hungary’s electoral law for partisan gain. If the bill is passed, it will deprive opposition parties of the chance for equal participation in the next general election in Hungary, scheduled for 2022.

The draft amendments to the election law were tabled by Orban’s ruling party late at night on the 10 November without advanced notice and without consultation with the other parliamentary parties.

The PES will support all European efforts to protect the Rule of Law in Hungary and throughout Europe and to safeguard democracy, civil rights and freedoms.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Orban’s disdain for Hungarian electors and for parliament will not go unnoticed and going on with this draft law will have very real consequences. It is designed to disenfranchise the opposition and to secure Orban’s grip on power, regardless of what Hungarians need or want. It was sent to parliament at night to avoid all scrutiny. It’s enough. Europe will not tolerate any further undermining of democracy, because Europe is about democracy.”

The Party of European Socialists stands firmly by its Hungarian member party MSZP in its fight for democracy and progressive policies.

The PES has supported the mandatory requirements on the Rule of Law in the long-term budget of the EU which will make EU funds conditional on adherence to fundamental democratic standards.