PES Financial and Economic Network meets to discuss progressive European Investment Plan



The Party of European Socialists (PES) held a Financial and Economic Network today to discuss a progressive European Investment Plan. The network brought together Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Members of National Parliaments, as well as representatives of our affiliated members notably Trade Unions.

The event sparked very constructive discussions. All members agreed on the importance of bringing forward an ambitious investment plan that can effectively promote sustainable economic growth and bring down unemployment levels.

Vice-President of the S&D Group Maria João Rodrigues chaired the meeting and stated: ”Europe cannot lose any more time. We call for an ambitious European investment plan that involves fresh public funds triggering new private investment in key priorities for Europe’s sustainable development, particularly energy efficiency, industrial innovation, network infrastructure and human capital. We are discussing about the key role of the EIB, we are discussing about new instruments. Our political family will fight for an ambitious proposal that can deliver a job-rich recovery and social justice and move Europe towards a better growth model”.

PES Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet added: “The challenges that Europe faces today, namely sluggish economic growth, the risk of deflation, and increasing unemployment rates can only be effectively resolved by a concrete European Investment Plan. The PES has been calling for an Investment Plan for a long time and we strongly believe that Europe must use all tools it has at its disposal to pull new funds and invest in the sectors with the best growth and jobs return. We must act now and deliver a better future for the 25 million unemployed women and men as well as the 5 million young without a job”.

To read the full background policy paper, please click here.