PES President: Alliance for a European Moldova “the pro-European government that Moldova needs”



The Party of European Socialists (PES) welcomes the newly-formed coalition ‘Alliance for a European Moldova’ and congratulates the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) for achieving this important political agreement.

PES President Sergei Stanishev stated: “I welcome the constructive spirit of our friends at the Democratic Party during the negotiations, where they always acted in a responsible and correct way with the best interests of the citizens at heart. After more than 50 days of negotiations, Moldovan people could not wait any longer, and it is regrettable that the Liberal Party was not flexible enough to stay in the coalition – Moldova needs political leaders that put their differences aside and fight together for a better life for their citizens”.

Mr. Stanishev added: “Now it is time to start working on much-needed reforms in the country, including the reform of the judiciary, fairer growth and social justice. This has been the fight of the Democratic Party for years and I strongly believe that their key role in the new coalition will ensure the pro-European government that Moldova needs. Thanks to the Democratic Party, Moldova is on the right track towards EU integration, and the PES family stands by them and offers all our support and experience to facilitate the EU accession process. I am convinced that, with the Democratic Party as part of the new government, this process will have a successful conclusion for Moldovans and Europeans alike”.

In late October, PES President Sergei Stanishev and S&D Group Vice-President Knut Fleckenstein led a high-level delegation to Moldova, where Mr. Stanishev stated that; “the PES stands by the Democratic Party of Moldova on their mission of achieving economic and social prosperity for their country”.