PES President Sergei Stanishev regrets Mario Centeno’s resignation


Sergei Stanishev with Mario Centeno

PES President (L) with outgoing Eurogroup President Mario Centeno

Portuguese Finance Minister Mario Centeno has announced he will be stepping down from government, as well as from his position as Eurogroup President.

During Mário Centeno’s tenure, Portugal achieved sustained economic growth, consecutive years of economic convergence with the Euro Area, the first budget surplus in several decades and a significant decrease of public debt. It was also during his oversight that the Eurogroup pushed forward with fundamental tools for the stability and success of the Euro Area, particularly the budgetary capacity for convergence and competitiveness.

PES President Sergei Stanishev, commenting on the news, said:

“Mario, during his tenure in the government of Antonio Costa, has been instrumental in bringing Portugal’s economy back to the path of economic recovery. He has also been successfully presiding over the Eurogroup for over two years, including helping develop a comprehensive European response to this pandemic. Mario has been a leading figure in promoting wellbeing in his country, stability in the eurozone and sustainability in Europe. It is therefore with great regret that I received the news of his resignation. I wish him all the best for the future.”

In the past few months, Mário Centeno led the discussions between European finance ministers regarding our common response to the Covid-19 socioeconomic impact. The ambition of the proposals on the table is also a reflection of his work and dedication.