PES President in Athens to support PASOK ahead of elections



Sergei Stanishev, PES President attended the 41st anniversary of PASOK, to show solidarity with the party ahead of the Greek elections of the 20 September. Party of European Socialists President Sergei Stanishev said:

“I am in Athens not only to celebrate the 41st anniversary of one of our most historical parties in the socialist family, but also to express my strongest support to PASOK for the upcoming elections. PASOK has the history, the experience, and the consistency that proves that it combines a progressive vision with responsible politics. PASOK did not shy away from taking tough decisions when necessary, for the good of the country. And it will continue being a responsible, progressive party under the leadership of Fofi Gennimata, who combines a new, young outlook, with impressive political experience."

"The last years have been very difficult for the Greek people, and the last seven months even more catastrophic for the economy. But when Greece was on the brink, the European Socialists family has shown once again that we remain a true friend of Greece. Francois Hollande, and our socialist family said no to a GRexit. Together we fought to keep Greece where it rightly belongs: at the heart of Europe. We won that fight. At the same time, together with PASOK and all our parties, we are continuing our fight to move away from the austerity-only approach of the conservatives. For a more progressive Europe.

PASOK is the party that can stand up both to leftist populism, and to neoliberal dogmatism. Now is the time for PASOK regain its foothold in Greek political life, for growth in Greece, for the Greek people.”