PES President meets the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Cyprus



PES president Sergei Stanishev received Mr. Özdil Nami, Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Cyprus on the 8th of July to discuss the current situation in Cyprus. Mr. Nami was worried that the peace negotiations that was re-launched earlier this year, now had gone into a stalemate. He underlined the importance of the Turkish Cypriots to have a place in the EU Parliament to make their voices heard. This has been accepted by the S&D group but not by the whole parliament.

Mr Stanishev underscored that the Cyprus conflict and division remains a concern for European socialists and social democrats. As European citizens, we should show continuous commitment to human rights and humanitarian law, and even more so within the EU’s borders.

He also made clear that PES fully support the on-going peace talks under the auspices of the UN for the reunification of Cyprus. The EU should increase its efforts to accommodate a solution in line with the EU’s values and as a president of the European Commission.

Mr. Nami’s party CTP (Republican Turkish Party) is an observing member of the PES family. In the parliamentary elections of July 2013, Republican Turkish Party emerged as the largest party, winning 21/50 seats.