PES President sends letter of condolences to German Vice-Chancellor



PES president Sergei Stanishev sent a letter of condolences and support to the leader of the SPD and Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel after the series of horrific events in Germany and in Bavaria in particular.

“On behalf of the PES, I firmly condemn those horrible crimes, share the pain of the many wounded and of the families of the victims, and stand in solidarity with SPD and all the people of Germany, deeply affected by this shocking series of assaults”, Stanishev writes in the letter. 

PES has already condemned the attack in Munich in an official statement last week, but tragic events in Ansbach, Wurtzburgand and Reutlingen have raised the PES concerns to the highest possible level. As always European Socialists and Democrats call for more cooperation between the EU countries in preventing such a horrific attacks.

“While the motivations of those crimes will need to be dully examined, we need to further strengthen our cooperation and face those wanting to install a climate of fear and division among our society”, Stanishev wrote in the letter to Gabriel.