PES President welcomes the agreement on Greece - "PES avoided a Grexit"


Sergei Stanishev, François Hollande

Commenting on the conclusion of the Euro Summit on Greece Sergei Stanishev, President of the Party of European Socialists said: ‘I welcome the agreement reached today at the Euro Summit on Greece. This was a truly historical moment. Europe gave a strong symbol of unity and Greece showed determination to stay in the Eurozone. Grexit scenarios are now part of the past.

Our political family stood united from the beginning of the process in favour of unity of the Eurozone. We actively took steps for ensuring that a deal is met. We as Socialists and Democrats never doubted that Greece belongs at the heart of the Eurozone and to the contrary of Conservatives that were pushing for a Grexit. I would in particular like to thank Francois Hollande who played a pivotal role in the Council in reaching an agreement that includes reference to reaching debt sustainability in Greece. The need to keep Europe united was our main aim and is our victory. Now it is imperative that liquidity is restored in Greece and that the Greek government takes quickly trustworthy and credible steps forward.’

Today the Leaders of the Eurozone agreed to start negotiations on an ESM programme on Greece.