PES & SDSM discuss elections in FYR Macedonia



Senior representatives of PES Associate Member SDSM (Socialdemocratic Union of Macedonia) met with colleagues at the PES on 5 June. President Zoran Zaev and Deputy President Radmila Sekerinska, PES Presidency Member, came to Brussels for an exchange with Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet at the PES headquarters.


Following the latest Parliamentary and Presidential elections held in FYR Macedonia, the two partners discussed at length the worrying political situation the country is currently facing due to the severe irregularities recorded during the electoral campaign.


The OSCE/ODIHR recommendations, made in the aftermath of the elections, highlight serious infringements of the rule of law, the biased state of the media, the inaccuracy of the voters list and the absence of clear separation of powers between the state and party. The repeated offenses and breaches of democracy have been, for far too many years, crushing the Macedonian’s people hopes for a better and more democratic future. The PES is extremely concerned with this situation.


Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet said “PES strongly supports the SDSM requests for respect of fundamental democratic rules in FYR Macedonia.  The conservative government has been continuously practicing selective justice, restricted media freedoms and used pressure on the opposition members.” He added that “one must pay close attention that the current leadership is not jeopardising the EU perspective of Macedonia and the integration wishes of its citizens.”


Several plans for enhancing the close cooperation between the PES and SDSM were also discussed at this meeting. Together with the SDSM, the PES is reiterating its commitment to continue the promotion of democratic values and fight for the respect of the fundamental freedoms of the citizens of FYR Macedonia.