PES Secretary General: It is not the EPP alone who will decide on the next European Commission president


Achim Post

On Manfred Weber’s bid for common candidate of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the next European election, PES Secretary General Achim Post said: "It is still unclear whether Manfred Weber will be able to have the support of his political family and run as their common candidate. But one thing is for sure: it is not the EPP award commute that will decide who the next EU Commission president will be, but the European citizens through their votes. They will decide what the balance of power will be like in the European institutions.

We, the European Social-democrats, will compete for that position with a programme of solidarity. 

I am looking forward to seeing Mr. Weber campaigning for Europe within his party. In the last weeks, the CSU has shown it has much room for improvement when it comes to European cooperation and commitment to the European idea. The European election of next year will be about a clear stance for a strong Europe and combating nationalist, selfish and populist ideas”.