PES Secretary General Philip Cordery meets with Mustapha Ben Jaafar, President of Tunisian National Constituent Assembly


Mustapha Ben Jaafar and Philip Cordery

On 5 June PES Secretary General Philip Cordery met with Mustapha Ben Jaafar President of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly in Brussels. They discussed the current political situation in Tunisia, the drafting of the Tunisian Constitution and the economic situation in Tunisia. Mr Cordery welcomed the important work of Ettakatol and its leader Mustapha Ben Jaafar in the democratic transition and crucial period for the future of Tunisia.

PES Secretary General Philip Cordery said: "I support the work done by Mustapha Ben Jaafar as President of the National Constituent Assembly to lead the drafting process of a new Constitution of Tunisia. This opens a new era for democratic rights, the respect for the rule of law and the equality between all citizens. Tunisia is facing a historic moment of change and should receive all the support possible from the EU which includes giving the status of advance partnership to Tunisia. This move would demonstrate the close cooperation between Tunisia and the EU."

Mr. Cordery added that "the PES has always had a very positive and productive relationship with Ettakatol and we will continue to support them in the coming months during their time of important change when the new constitution is set to be finished by October 2012 and elections anticipated for March 2013."