PES Social Europe Network calls for a European pillar of social rights now


Meeting at conference

Europe Needs a social turn, and the European pillar of social rights indicates the right direction. Its proclamation is essential for a Europe closer to its citizens.

The Social Summit of 17 November in Göteborg will be a defining moment for a more social Europe.

The PES Social Europe Network, gathering representative of PES member parties, trade unions and the Civil Society reiterated its support for a European pillar of Social Rights with these words. They came as the conclusion of an intense exchange on the rise of inequalities in Europe, the revision of the Posting of Workers’ Directive and the need to combat precarious work and dumping in transport and in the provision of cross border services, notably in the context of the services e-card proposal.

Pervenche Berès, chair of the PES Social Europe Network

"Today our network strongly restated its support to the swift proclamation of the European pillar of social rights. We are convinced that the proclamation of the pillar needs to mark a real social turn for Europe. But we will not stop there; we want a pillar with teeth. We are readying our proposals, from wage to inequalities, for a strong social action plan that will give life to the social union."