PES Women addresses equal pay issue using images of Trump


Equal Pay Day video

Women would have to work ten years longer – or start working ten years earlier – to match the lifetime earnings of men.

This is the underlying message of the 2017 Equal Pay Day short film and a campaign, launched today by the Party of European Socialists in partnership with the sp.a women’s organisation zij-kant and ABVV, the socialist union of Belgium. The film was officially presented to the media and the public in Brussels today.

The quirky film depicts the experiences of a young girl who is sent out to work at the age of ten, after her father learns about the gender pay gap in Europe and is determined to redress the balance. After hitting the job market in the US, she encounters the US president in an unexpected way.


As the film’s punchline reveals, the career in which she finds a role is unexpected, to say the least.

Zita Gurmai, PES Women president, said:

“Our campaign film for 2017 has a playful theme, but it’s underpinned by a serious message. Despite the EU-wide ban on direct and indirect discrimination, women are still paid less than men in every European country.

“This means not only a lower income throughout life, but also reduced pensions and more precarious financial circumstances in retirement. The risk of poverty for women over 65 in the EU is 22%, compared to 16% for men.”

According to European Commission data, the pay gap is as wide as 28% in Estonia, 22% in Germany and 19% in the UK. The figure for Belgium is around 10%.

The film was conceived by creative agency mortierbrigade, working with the talented young director Deben Van Dam from the Hamlet production company.


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