PES Women reiterates its support to PSOE in its fight of protection the abortion law introduced by the Zapatero government in 2010


Zita Gurmai, Iratxe Garcia, Carmén Montón

It is a shame that today's PP government is trying to reduce the law and attack most vulnerable girls. The silent political move of the PP puts forward a proposal to amend the current abortion law, by obliging parental consent for abortion for minors, including for young women suffering from violence from their parents.

Zita Gurmai expresses her disappointment about the government "this proposal attacks the most vulnerable young women and has not listened to the mobilization and request from the women that stood up in the streets last year."

Iratxe Garcia Perez underlines that "This most recent proposal for change is not necessary, as the current law is reducing the number of abortions. We need to continue providing equal access, rights and choices to all women."

Carmen Montón says that 'the PP once again uses women's rights for their election campaign in order to attract the most conservative wing. We need to be careful for this conservative backlash in Spain and around Europe."