PES backs Frans Timmermans and Spitzenkandidat process

27/06/2019 - PES Presidency Declaration, Brussels

Image: PES Election Congress

Prime Ministers, leaders and members of the PES acclaim Frans Timmermans as PES Common Candidate at the PES Election Congress in Madrid, February 2019

The Party of European Socialists today reiterates its firm commitment to the Spitzenkandidat process as the key democratic link between the voters of Europe, represented in the European Parliament, and the leadership of the European Commission.

Our political family is working to build a majority in the European Parliament and European Council which reflects the overwhelmingly pro-European, progressive and climate-focused message given by voters in the European elections in May. With the highest turnout in 20 years, it is of fundamental importance that voters see their choices in the European Parliament reflected in the future programme and leadership of Europe. For us this means that a political programme and a candidate must reflect and represent the broad pro-European forces of the European Parliament.

We believe that Frans Timmermans is the best choice for Commission President on the basis that he is the candidate whose campaign promises (tackling climate change, social Europe, fair wages, tax justice, and gender equality) most closely matched the European Council’s Strategic Agenda, the emerging political programme of the European Parliament, and the choices of European citizens. We also believe that he is the candidate with the best qualifications for the position of Commission President, based on his executive experience at European and national level, and his parliamentary experience at national level.