PES calls for peaceful talks and dialogue in the Old City of Jerusalem


Israel, Palestine, Middle East

The Party of the European Socialists is deeply concerned about the latest TENSION escalation in the Middle East and particularly in the Old City of Jerusalem.

European progressives condemn all violence in the area, which led to casualties among both Palestinian and Israeli citizens.    

“All sides should reside in dialogue and ways to find peaceful solution of the current crisis. Today’s decision of Israel to remove the metal detectors from outside a holy site in East Jerusalem hopefully will release the tension and this should be used as an opportunity to start a dialogue”, said Sergei Stanishev, president of the PES.

“Political, religious and community leaders should act responsibly to achieve better conditions for peaceful solution. Socialists and democrats from Europe were always in support of the cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian authorities in order to prevent violence and loss of life”, Stanishev added.

The PES strongly believes that the two-state solution for the Israeli–Palestinian conflict is still the best option.