PES commends Parti Socialiste ahead of legislative elections on Sunday


French national assembly

The Party of European Socialists strongly supports its member party, Parti Socialiste, in the upcoming elections for the French National Assembly.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

"France – and Europe – need a strong socialist voice in the pluralist National Assembly, with all democratic forces, to promote our core values of fairness, equality and social justice, to stand up for France’s place at the heart of Europe, and to reject the forces of populism and far-right extremism.

"Socialist and social democrat parties across Europe stand firmly in solidarity with PS. The party played a major role in shaping the principles of social Europe, and it is still an important actor in the fight for a fairer Europe.

"The PS has fought a strong campaign and I commend them to the French electorate for this Sunday’s elections."

The first round of the elections will take place on Sunday, when 47 million French voters are eligible to choose the next legislature.