PES condemns Viktor Orban's proposal to reintroduce death penalty in Hungary


Victor Orban

PES President Sergei Stanishev strongly condemns Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban's proposal of reintroducing death penalty in Hungary and introducing internment camps for illegal immigrants. He said "The EU received the Nobel peace prize for its work to maintain and promote peace. It is deeply sad that such s regressive proposal, against the EU charter of fundamental rights, comes from a member state.

Our family will still continue fighting for freedom, equality, democracy and the respect of the rule of law. We stand for peace and solidarity with each other and neighbouring countries in need."

The PES calls on the European People's Party (EPP) to take a serious stance regarding Mr. Orban's FIDESZ party, a member of the EPP family. If, as EPP President stated "Death penalty is against EPP values", FIDESZ should lose its place inside the EPP.

The PES Congress 2015 will be held in Budapest on 12-13 June. A resolution will be proposed there concerning democracy; necessary and important considering the current situation in Hungary.