PES condemns attacks in Paris, calls for more Europe


Unis contre la peur

The Party of European Socialists condemned the terror attacks in Paris in a statement yesterday and canceled its regular Activist forum in Madrid. The participants at the forum gathered downtown Madrid together with the PES president Sergei Stanishev and expressed their solidarity with the people of France, holding candles and a sign NOUS SOMME UNIS.

Again innocent lives, many of them young victims, were lost through senseless acts of violence. There is no justification for deliberate targeting of innocent people going to a concert, football match or just dining in a restaurant. There is no religion, no ideology can justify that.
The terrorists goals is to create fear; division and hatred; we shall not allow them to be victorious. We shall stand united.” president Stanishev said.

PES president said that terrorism on European soil can be fought only with more Europe. More cooperation and joint action on foreign policy, intelligence sharing and security measures are urgently needed, the EU must guarantee safety for all citizens and therefore strengthen cooperation between Member States.