PES develops a coordination strategy to ensure socialists are the first political force in 2019



A joint meeting of the S&D Bureau and the SPD Parliamentary group leadership took place on 30 September in the European Parliament. In the course of the meeting the leader of the S&D Group in the European Parliament Gianni Pitella and the PES leader Sergei Stanishev discussed with their German colleagues the need to enhance cooperation and improve coordination between the S&D Group, the PES and the sister parties on a national level.

"The political balance in the European Parliament has changed so that no major decisions can be taken without the support of our Group. This gives us leverage to demand that the new Commission delivers on commitments made in exchange of our support to Junker", PES President Stanishev underlined.

"During the hearings we will expect to see that the priorities of all Commissioners-designate demonstrate dedication to a common goal: job creation and social engagement", Stanishev added. He also stressed that special attention will be paid to Junker's investment plan vowing 300 billion euros in the real economy over the next three years - however there is no detailed information about how and to which sectors investors are going to be attracted.

The PES is developing a comprehensive coordination strategy for cooperation between all members of the political family in Europe with the aim of building a uniform policy that will lead the socialists to be the first political force in 2019, announced Stanishev.

The PES President Sergei Stanishev and the leader of the SPD Group in the Bundestag agreed on an upcoming visit of Stanishev to Berlin.