PES expresses grave concern over the escalating situation in Israel and Palestine


Palestinians demonstrate against violence

This last week, tensions have been rising in Israel and Palestine. In just the last few days we have seen an Israeli couple was killed by Palestinians in the West Bank, riots and a number of stabbings, with multiple victims on both sides. Two rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, and during border riots today five Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army. Tensions have been mounting to a concerning level, with incidents taking place on a daily basis.

'We are seeing a very dangerous scenario unfold in Israel and Palestine. Given the extremely inflammable situation in the region, the consequences of an escalation should not be underestimated’, says PES president Sergei Stanishev. ‘We therefore call upon all political forces to reinstate calm and make all attempts possible to de-escalate the situation. We understand the graveness of the situation and send our condolences to the families involved. However, more killings will only lead to more victims. Only through a genuine dialogue can we better the lives of both Palestinians and Israelis in the region.’