PES leader calls for a fair trial for Lula da Silva


Lula da Silva

Luiz Inácio 'Lula' da Silva was a guest at an international conference organised by the PES in 2015

There is growing concern within the Party of European Socialists about signs of political interference in the trial of former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio 'Lula' da Silva. This casts doubts on the possibility of a fair, equitable trial.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

"When police recordings are released to the media in the middle of an investigation and when the judge himself takes public positions against Lula da Silva, obviously this will put the rule of law and separation of powers in question."

The PES hopes that the Federal Appeals Court for the Southern District will dismiss evidence that is already compromised. Anything other than that would confirm our worst worries about the politicisation of justice in Brazil.

The Party of European Socialists is monitoring closely the ongoing trial against Lula and is ready to raise awareness of any violation of the right of a fair trial or the rule of law.