PES president reveals “Marshall Plan” for Europe’s youth



A plan to guarantee the future of the European project was presented to the majority of European progressive leaders in Brussels yesterday.

Sergei Stanishev, President of the Party of European Socialists explained his vision: “This forms part of the, European socialists and democrats plan to safeguard future of the European Project. We believe that if support the young generation of Europe today, we will have a prosperous and united Europe in the future. What is needed is a large-scale plan for European youth. A plan that can guarantee jobs and education for the young people of Europe while supporting the development of the European culture and that can provide good care for European children. I would call this plan – “A Marshall plan for European Youth”, Stanishev added.

The President of the PES presented his idea at the European Progressive leaders during their European Council Preparation Meeting on Thursday, attended by the vast majority of Prime Ministers, party leaders and EU leaders from the Socialists and Democrat family.

“Nationalism is increasingly threatening our European democracy. Fed not only by the threat of terrorism but also by unemployment, poverty and low living standards, it is causing driving wedges between people and communities. With this, the European Project is losing its popularity among the young people, who deserve and expect more from the Union.”

“No one is better qualified to improve this situation than the Socialists and Democrats,” Stanishev said. “Defending democracy, solidarity and equal rights is our raison d’etre.  That’s why the Party of European Socialists will begin concretising ideas for a Marshall plan for Youth. It will be based on four pillars – education, jobs, culture and children”, Stanishev explained.