PES supports Malta against Nationalist Party’s malicious campaign


The PES regrets the Maltese Nationalist Party (PN)’s current negative campaign. The party has made false insinuations and tried to gain political mileage by manipulating facts including attributing a court case to the Government when the case is between a private citizen and a PN MP. They have also used their political allies in the European Parliament to amplify their negative campaign and in doing so have risked harming Malta’s reputation abroad.

Without entering into the local political fray, PES has to underline the huge discrepancies between what the PN says and what it actually does. Whilst condemning criminal libel, PN Leader Simon Busuttil, back in 2000, while acting as a head of a Government entity, sued the then PL President by criminal libel.

These double standards are not acceptable and undermine his party's criticism of the libel law.

The PES continues to support the Labour Party’s efforts to make Malta more transparent, to implement more social initiatives that are making Malta an example across Europe, and by continuing to guarantee freedom of expression, and media freedom by decriminalising anachronistic laws such as the vilification of religion among others.