PES supports PSOE in rejecting Rajoy and rejects the attacks of the European conservatives on Spanish socialists


PSOE - Pedro Sanchez

The Party of European Socialists supports the negative vote of PSOE at the failed investiture of Mariano Rajoy as Prime Minister of Spain. The European progressives strongly reject the European People's Party's allegation that PSOE is behaving 'irresponsibly'.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: "PSOE is the party that has governed Spain for the longest period in democracy. We simply can't accept the EPP's accusation. It is PP who bears the principal responsibility of trying to form a government by presenting consensus generating policies and reaching out for support of other political forces. PP can't transfer its responsibility to other actors”. 

The PES supports PSOE's consistency towards its voters, against mounting external pressures. 

Stanishev said: "Rajoy should know the difference between a relative majority and an absolute majority. PSOE's 85 seats are, indeed, a vote against Rajoy, his austerity policies, his restrictions of basic freedoms – which can hardly be argued based on the economic context – and against the countless corruption cases affecting his party. It is impossible to reconcile that mandate with a direct or inderect support of a new Rajoy-led government. It would constitute a clear democratic fraud."