PES supports democratic election of Speaker of Macedonian Parliament


Macedonian assembly

The Party of European Socialists supports the clearly democratic process of electing of the new Speaker of Macedonian Parliament, and calls for a focus on political dialogue to eliminate the risk of violence and unrest.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

"Talat Xhaferi was democratically elected to the Speaker’s office by the parliament. The representatives of the people have chosen him with a clear majority, and this choice must be respected by everyone. Attempts to boycott the work of the democratic institutions will harm Macedonian democracy and will prolong the current crisis."

The PES also repeated its condemnation of yesterday's attack on the parliament, and called on all parties in Skopje to refrain from provocation and return to political negotiations.

Stanishev said:

"The democratic process shows that there is a clear majority that can bring the country out of the institutional deadlock and form a stable government for the good of Macedonian citizens. Unlike the current government, our Macedonian associate party SDSM follows democratic rules and principles.

"President Ivanov must stop blocking an SDSM-led government from being formed. Democracy must run its course."