PES welcomes Sevil Shhaideh to be nominated as new Romanian PM

22/12/2016 - European socialists and democrats will be proud to see the first woman prime minister in Romania

Sevil Shi

The Party of European Socialists welcomes the decision of our member party PSD for Sevil Shhaideh to be nominated as the next Romanian Prime Minister.  If appointed, she will become the first woman head of government in Romania and also the first ever Muslim PM in the EU.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “We welcome the great victory of PSD and their choice of a woman from an ethnic minority for the office of Prime Minister. This sends a very positive message of diversity at a time where the ‘us Vs. them’ rhetoric, is spreading in Europe. Sevil Shhaideh not only is a very capable woman with working experience both in Romania and abroad, but has also gathered a big support from diverse political groups in the chamber of deputies.”

PES Women President Zita Gurmai said: “It is high time that 51% of the European population are duly represented in top political offices, especially in a time where women’s rights are being directly targeted by conservatives and are being punished harder by the crisis in the labour market. The election of Sevil Shhaideh as the new Romanian is very encouraging for all women”.