PES welcomes the result of the Ukrainian presidential elections



Sunday was a crucial day for the European Union, but also for Ukraine, where citizens went to vote for the first time since the protests started at the end of last year. Out of an estimated turnout of 60%, a vast majority of voters entrusted Petro Poroshenko with the responsibility to steer their country in the right direction.

We hope that these elections will mark a new beginning for Ukraine’, says PES president Sergei Stanishev, ‘after months of political confrontation, instability and disorder it was important to hear the voice of the people‘. The elections provided democratic legitimacy and hope for a political outcome of this crisis. ‘Poroshenko has promised to fight against corruption and to implement much needed economic and democratic reforms.

What Ukraine needs right now is unity, moderation, stability and dialogue with all parts and all citizens. We hope that the new government will display the discipline and strength needed to navigate the country through these challenging times. Only by maintaining a balanced position will it be possible to establish a constructive dialogue both within Ukraine and with the EU and Russia.’

We believe that the constitutional reform should provide the democratic developments and internal integration needed for Ukraine.

The PES also welcomes the plans to organize parliamentary elections in Ukraine by the end of the year. These elections will enhance the legitimacy of the legislative power in Ukraine.