PES wishes success to its Macedonian member party in forming a government


Ivanov receiving mandate (photo: MIA)

The Party of European Socialists warmly welcomes President Ivanov of FYR of Macedonia's decision finally to ask Zoran Zaev, from our associate party SDSM, to form a government.

Ivanov, from the right wing VMRO-DPMNE had been blocking the decision for months. We wish success to our associated member party in forming a stable government for the good of the people in the country.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

"President Ivanov has finally chosen the only sensible path: to respect the rules of democracy and the will of the Macedonian people and ask SDSM to form a stable government. I'm glad that party political motivations have been set aside in order to overcome the political crisis Macedonia was in."

The PES fully supports Zoran Zaev's efforts to bring back stability and to begin a new phase of democracy and progress in the country.