PES won’t accept lessons on refugees from Orban



The Party of European Socialists rejects the accusation of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Italy about the Schengen rules.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: "Once again Prime Minister Orban is out of line. The mere suggestion that Italy, a frontline country when it comes to migration, is not doing enough is completely false and especially coming from PM Orban - it is plainly ridiculous. He is the last person who can lecture any EU country on solidarity and humanity towards refugees. Italy has decisively contributed to saving lives on its own initiative and constantly promoted a coherent and comprehensive EU policy on migration."

Stanishev underlined the importance of the migration compacts proposed by Italian Prime Minister Renzi to be fully implemented as soon as possible: "We welcome the launch of the European Coast Guard, which will take the member states’  solidarity on to a new level. We encourage all countries to participate in it and help Italy, Greece and other countries in controlling our common external borders."