PES working to improve rights for LGBTI people


LGBTI seminar

The rights of lesbian, gay, transexual, transgender and intersex people are vitally important to the PES. While on paper all Europeans are entitled to the same respect of human rights and dignity, LGBTI people are one group for whom this has not yet been achieved. Across Europe LGBTI people have access to vastly different levels of respect, rights and freedoms. The PES is determined to change this. This is why, on 27 April 2015, the PES, in association with the Swedish Social Democrats (SAP) and Rainbow Rose - the PES associate member group uniting LGBTI members, held a seminar in Stockholm - “Where next for LGBTI equality? A progressive roadmap for Europe."

The meeting was held along side the meeting of member party secretary generals - indicating the importance of LGBTI rights for all levels of the parties. The Deputy Secretary General Marije Laffeber said, as she opened the meeting, that the seminar "is part of the PES fulfilling its pre-election promise to create real and lasting positive change for LGBTI people across the European Union".

We have established freedom of movement for EU citizens but we still have work to do on the movement of rights that should follow them. This is particularly problematic for LGBTI citizens who in one country have the right to a safe and secure family life or to identify by their gender, yet by moving across a border can suddenly find that they lose those rights and that they have become a second class citizen.