PSOE is the only party that can guarantee a progressive government to move Spain forward


Sergei Stanishev and Pedro Sanchez at a PES European Council preparation meeting

PES President Sergei Stanishev and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at a PES European Council preparation meeting

Spain’s general election is a chance to cement the country’s positive, progressive, future.

This Sunday, Spanish voters will decide who forms the next government. PES member party PSOE, led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, is leading the polls as the campaign reaches its final stage - voters recognise that under PSOE, Spain has flourished. 

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Prime Minister Sánchez has a strong progressive record, which includes significantly raising Spain’s minimum wage, helping millions of low paid workers, and appointing a majority-female cabinet – the first in Spain’s history. PSOE wants to build on these successes. A progressive government will further strengthen women’s rights, invest in social policies, and ensure a positive European future. 

“This election is an opportunity for voters to at last achieve the government they want. I wish PSOE every success for a good result on Sunday.”

PSOE is a key member of our progressive family. We look forward to continuing to work alongside our Spanish colleagues as we push collectively for a progressive Europe. 

Read more about the PSOE programme on their campaign website [ES].