Portugal: the Left Historic agreement has to lead to a progressive government


Leader of the Portugues Socialist Party, António Costa

The PES congratulates the Socialist Party of Portugal on a historical agreement bringing together the left-wing parties in the country intending to support a common progressive government.

During the general elections of 4 October a vast majority of voters provided a decisive advantage to the left-wing parties, but Portuguese President Cavaco Silva chose to give the minority conservative coalition the right to form government. But their programme is obviously to be rejected by the national parliament, thus ending the possibility for the conservatives to form a government.

After four years of austerity and daily struggle to make ends meet, it is now time to give a progressive government a chance. We call on Mr. Cavaco Silva to listen to the voice of people and to give a mandate to the Partido Socialista – supported by the left-wing parties – to form a government that can bring stability and growth to Portugal.


Photo by Partido Socialista Portugal